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So, you’ve got through the cv process and landed an interview for a dream role.

80 % of success is turning up so although nervous make sure you actually get through the door!

Always get to the interview 10 minutes early and try when possible, to do a dummy run sometime before your interview so you know the whether this is public transport or you are driving.

1 Be Confident

There is an opinion that the result of an interview is decided in the first 60 seconds, I’m not sure about this but first impressions definitely count!.

Make sure the introduction is right, start with a smile and maintain good eye contact with a professional firm handshake.

You want to sound friendly, professional and serious.

2 Take the Glass of water

If the interviewer asks you if you would like a glass of water, take it !.

This will give you more time to think and compose yourself and also give you something to do with your hands in a calm manner, whilst also not letting your mouth go dry whilst talking so much.

3 Tell your story

Everyone enjoys a story and your interviewer is no different, make your work history and experience come alive, tell the interviewer about achievements in certain roles and how you helped the company you worked for.

This gives the interviewer a better outlook and understanding of your personality and work history.

4 Tell the employer your USP

Make sure you have the confidence to make it clear what your USP is and what you would bring to the company and why you are unique.

Give the interviewer a good reason not to let you go and try and connect with them at the same time.

5 Let your personality shine through and aim to get on with the interviewer

Often the candidate with the best experience, skills and qualifications does not end up getting the job, throughout the interview to put it simply if the interviewer likes you on a personal level they are more likely to give you the role.

Get into the interviewer’s mindset and find common ground.

6 Prepare for the interview well

Make sure you research the company well, for example, look at their website and social media, research company news and projects they may have recently worked on and completed.

This will help with interview nerves, one of the most common questions asked in some cases to catch work-seekers out are, ‘’Tell me what you know about the company’’ ?

  • When did they start?
  • What have they been posting on social media?
  • Who owns the company?

7 Be positive and enjoy the experience

As said earlier let your personality shine through, this is not an interrogation!

8 Download the Job description

This is great preparation as it will give you some great knowledge on the skills required prior to your interview and a bit more of an insight into the company.

The interviewer will ask you questions relating directly to the job description, so this is great preparation to get good answers already set in your mind.

9 Prepare a very good response to the question tell me about yourself.

This is one of the most asked questions by an interviewer.

A good method to remember a good response is the SEAT Method.

  • SKILLS – what skills you will bring to the table.
  • EXPERIENCE – What experience do you have for the role.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS – What experience have you achieved in your life so far
  • TYPE OF PERSON – What type of person are you? – Tell the employer who you are and what you will bring.

10 Make sure you have questions Lined up for the interviewer

The interviewer will ask you at the end of the interview if you have any questions, some people don’t take advantage of this as this is again an opportunity to further sell yourself to the interviewer

Good Luck in your Interview and if you do want any further tips or advice contact us on 01902 239008 or email


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