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A cv is an important tool in job seeking and a great way to get all your information in front of an employer in a professional manner and your gateway to get you noticed by recruiters and employers and get you interviews.

Watch our top tips… 


1 Research how to build your cv before you write it

Look at the job boards at your desired job roles and use terminology, if you do not know what skills and knowledge your potential employers within the market will be looking for you will already be starting an uphill battle, focus on hard skills and this preparation will make it a lot easier when you start building your cv. Remember your cv should look flawless and professional, do not get into the mindset that it should be colourful and fancy fonts as this could cause more of a negative effect.

2 Getting started

Rule number one is to make sure your full contact details are on the cv, including Full name, telephone number, email and full address. Trust me there is nothing more frustrating as a recruiter than finding a perfect candidate for a role but not being able to contact them!

Keep the format simple to a clean and crisp font and structure, there is no set-in-stone rule with cv length but ideally a max of two pages in my opinion.

Once you have a solid professional format you can now look at the structure.

3 Cv Structure

  • Your name and contact details should sit at the top of the cv
  • Professional profile should be a brief paragraph to grab the employer’s attention at the start of the cv
  • Skills come next and should be listed bullet-pointed underneath in clear font.
  • Work experience should be listed in chronological order to reflect all your past work history, skills and experience, Keep personal opinions about past employers out of this and keep it professional and most importantly accurate.
  • Education should be listed towards the end of the cv and again should be accurate and in chronological order.
  • Hobbies & Interests are optional, but should be added after education ( be honest as I’ve seen people fail in an interview when they haven’t been fully honest in their cv) only add these if you think they will add value to your application.

4 Keep it all positive

This is a big one for me as having a positive attitude creates results and that is also evident in creating an effective cv.

BIG TIP: Do not make negative comments about past employers on your cv!

Below is some content that can be added to the cv to give the cv a positive outlook.

  • Accountability – Do you take ownership of decisions?
  • Adaptability – Have you ever taken a part-time job or voluntary work to build your skills?
  • Commitment – Have you worked at a company for a long period or studied extra courses or out of hours to further develop your skills.
  • Honesty – Remain fully honest but also be tactful, remember to keep it as professional as possible.

5 Common CV Mistakes to watch out for

If there are mistakes on your cv or your cv does not look professional it can greatly damage your application and your chances of gaining employment

Below are some most common mistakes I find candidates making to watch out for.

  • No research before you create the cv
  • Poor readability, incorrect or missing contact details, Make sure the cv is extremely easy to read, use short sharp language, bullet points usually helps
  • Do not have a ridiculous email at the top of the page, these emails may have been cool at school but this is a professional document and you don’t want this small thing to put a negative effect on your application.
  • When you are listing your responsibilities ALWAYS try and list what impact your responsibilities had on the business.
  • Do not use CV cliches that get used often, trust me recruiters like myself see 100 cv’s a day so try not to use common cliches so it makes the cv sound the same as the rest and also shows a lack of effort.
  • Don’t make the cv too long and use any extravagant design or wacky fonts.

Best of luck with writing your cv and with your job search!

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