How to support the mental well being of your employees

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In order to support mental well-being in the workplace, it’s essential to understand the factors that most commonly impact employees’ mental health.

It’s just as important as physical health, and it plays a role in all areas of our lives; affecting how we think, feel, and act, how we make decisions, handle the challenges life throws at us, and build relationships with others.

4 actionable steps to help support and promote employees’ mental well-being:

1 Create a culture that prioritizes a healthy work-life balance

Excessive stress and an unmanageable workload are major risk factors for employees mental health. If you want to reduce stress and promote well-being start by examining your company culture.

Does it encourage and enable a healthy work-life balance, or does it place unreasonable demands on your employees? How are vacation and sick leave perceived?

If you’re not confident that your company culture is fitting this, then it might be time to introduce more flexibility and reducing excessive workloads.

2 Provide mental health resources and support

Mental health support can take many different forms. Leverage technology to give your employees access to confidential and personalized support through platforms such as “Headspace for work”.

Beyond that, consider offering access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). A work-based intervention designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employees’ performance.

3 Keep the lines of communication open

Poor communication and lack of transparency across the organisation in general can contribute to rising stress and anxiety.

Strive to mitigate this particular risk factor by improving communication and involving your employees in important decisions wherever possible.

4 Lead by example

If you truly want to remove the stigma around mental health and actively encourage your employees to nurture their own well-being, you need leaders and managers who can show that they’re doing the same.

It can be as simple as speaking openly about your own struggles with stress. When employees see their managers modeling healthy behaviors, they’ll feel encouraged to follow suit.

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