5 ways to celebrate events in your office

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In times of tight budgets, busy schedules, or expanding waistlines, it can seem easier to skip office birthday celebrations. However, there are ways to get around this. For example, at Advanced Recruit we offer a day off on someone’s birthday. Does it fall on a weekend? No problem, have Friday off! We also supply cake, a small present, and a card for the birthday boy/girl. Your company could offer a birthday badge or other benefits like being able to finish early. No matter how big or small these gestures are, it can make your employee feel cared for and also help them have the best birthday.

Hitting targets

An employee hitting a target can feel over the moon, all the work they put in finally paid off. As an employer, you’ll be very pleased and will want to reward them. There are many ways you can do this, whether it has a budget or not. Such as giving a voucher with various shops/restaurants on, taking them out for a drink – if you have a close relationship, making a shoutout about them on your company socials, or having incentives. The employee will appreciate any reward given and it can encourage them to achieve the next targets set for them.

Company anniversaries

It is important to celebrate business anniversaries to honour your milestones. This can be celebrated mostly through thoughtfulness. Take 5-10 minutes with your staff to reflect on how far the company has come with the help of staff. It’ll indicate motivation within the office for next year’s anniversary. You could also post a little memorable photo on your company’s socials to display to customers/clients.


Promotions for employees demonstrate success. This can be celebrated by your employer or even yourself. You could treat yourself by buying that bag you always wanted or be able to have a relaxing day doing the activities you most enjoy. Celebrating your employee can be hard to choose as you don’t want to discourage your other staff members. By knowing your relationship with the office, you can decide how to go about this. You can discuss the perks that come along with the promotion like more flexibility or a pay rise. You might want to give the employee recognition to other staff to prompt their drive. Or go above and beyond by offering a specialised present which could be anything from a mug to a paid meal.

Break up Friday

By the end of the week, employees will want to unwind and take it easy as they have been putting in the work for the past couple of days and might feel tired. Advanced recruit have a “dress down Friday”, meaning smart/casual wear, we also finish at an earlier time than usual. This way, we can be ourselves and look forward to the weekend, while also feeling dedicated to working comfortably. There are other ways your company can do this. For instance, being able to have a longer break time or include a fun activity like games.


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