5 Tips for making your cv better


People think this is easy, writing on a piece of paper your experience and how good you are, but this is far from the truth!
You can be perfect for the role and still not get the job and this is often down to your cv.
You need to show the employer exactly how good you are.

Here are 5 tips on how to make your cv better

1. Tell Them How you can help the business

Anyone who hires you would like to know what positive changes you can bring to the company.

‘’I can help your business reduce costs by taking up improvement projects based on my experience in within my past employer for over 10 years’’

By Clearly showing the ways you have succeeded in previous positions you will help employers see why and how you will be a valuable employee.

A good way to also let a business know you can help them is to define success in your previous roles.

Make a list of the times you went above a beyond to deliver success in your past roles, for example, there might have been a month where you acquired a number of new clients or a time where you contributed a high amount of productivity throughout the year.

2. Know the company inside out before you submit the cv

Your cv should be ready-made, not tailor-made!

It becomes very important to know the company you are applying to as different companies require different skills and experience.

Look at a current role advertised and research the company whilst cross-referencing the content of your cv with the job roles.

TOP TIP – search a contact on LinkedIn that has worked at the company within the same role you are applying for and take a look at their background, qualifications skills, and experience.

3. Keep it Real !!!

A very common mistake that people make is to not be straight in their cv and add things in their cv that aren’t real.

It is very easy to get caught out and you don’t want to make yourself out to be a liar to your next potential employer!

4. Include your LinkedIn profile on your cv

Having a Linkedin profile statistically gives you a higher chance of an interview, but make sure you have a comprehensive and detailed LinkedIn profile.

TOP TIP : Take a look at our blog ‘’ How to build a strong LinkedIn profile’’ for pointers

5. Do not use Buzz words, slang or Cliches !

A recruiter or hiring manager’s worst nightmare, they are unnecessary and spoil your cv.

This can also confuse the reader and hinder your chances of landing an interview.

Even though the cv is the most important part of your application to an employer the time a potential employer spends on it is incredibly short.

If you want any further advice or tips feel free to contact us on 01902 239 008, or email skills@advancedrecruit.co.uk.


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