5 Recruitment Trends to Plan For 2023

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It’s another new year! You may be thinking how can you keep up with the trends and how do you come up with a new approach to attract candidates in 2023? Here are 5 trends you can follow to help you.

Utilizing Social Media Recruiting

Social media has become a thriving centre of possibilities. This 2023 recruitment trend uses social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find, attract, connect, and hire potential employees. While there are job-posting websites, the response rate to job ads on social media is much higher

High Demand for Digitally Equipped Workforce

The coming year will mark the rapid acceleration of automation. This means that a majority of the companies will be looking to hire employees who are digitally equipped to establish themselves as a digitally ready business. This would start from the demand for basic software skills such as hands-on experience over MS Word, WordPress, Photoshop, etc.

Remote interviewing

A lot of businesses have also embraced video call interviews or phone interviews. If you’re already hosting every meeting on Teams, you might as well add interviews to that list. Video calls are the option you’re looking for. Less pressure to dress up, although you still have to look professional, no chance of being late etc.

Targeting Recruitment Efforts Toward the Younger Generation

A growing number of young professionals will enter the workforce this year.

Here’s how hiring can keep up with the recruitment trend for younger employees this 2023:

  • Take advantage of technological advances by conducting interviews and hiring remotely to speed up the process
  • Provide them with opportunities for advancement, like training and development, to keep them from jumping from job hopping

Four-day week

Yes, believe it or not, some businesses in Britain are experimenting with the four-day week. It hasn’t been given the forceful push that Covid gave the working-from-home concept, but it is gaining traction. More and more employers are testing out the concept and seeing results. Businesses are seeing improved morale, fewer absences, less burnout, and more productive days.

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