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Working with a Recruitment company

Like every industry, there are bad recruitment companies and good ones, as a work seeker don’t automatically assume everyone is the same as there are some very good and effective recruiters. Here are some tips about dealing with a Recruitment company in an effective way. But before we start the

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Tips & Advice

Top Tips for Interviews

So, you’ve got through the cv process and landed an interview for a dream role. 80 % of success is turning up so although nervous make sure you actually get through the door! Always get to the interview 10 minutes early and try when possible, to do a dummy run

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Tips & Advice

Top tips for CV writing

A cv is an important tool in job seeking and a great way to get all your information in front of an employer in a professional manner and your gateway to get you noticed by recruiters and employers and get you interviews. Watch our top tips…    1 Research how

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