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Founded in 2019 by Director Chris Williams, Advanced Recruit Ltd is a recruitment company based in Wolverhampton specialising in supplying staff to the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries.

We operate in Niche area’s where there is a high degree of need for candidates and focus on providing bespoke recruitment solutions to clients and high calibre professionals.

The services we can offer include Job and assessment design, database search, headhunting, advertised candidate selection, career consultancy and personality profiling amongst many more.

The aim is to find the best job fit for the candidate and the prospective employer. If you are happy then so are we and will continue to provide a service on a consultation basis even after we have placed you at a company.

The Recruitment Process


Shorter term contracts ranging from 1 day, week to week or longer term. Whereby, you only pay an hourly charge rate for the hours worked by the temporary worker, plus VAT. You can end or extend the temporary period to suit your requirements.(Please note; Driving contracts incur a minimum charge of 8 hours per day)

Temporary to Permanent

This option allows you to take on a temporary worker for a fixed temporary period before committing to a permanent job offer. Again, you only pay for the hours worked, plus VAT, during this period. Then, if completely satisfied with the temporary worker at the end of the fixed term, you can offer them a permanent contract and take them onto your own payroll - completely Free of Charge.


Whereby you take our candidate permanently onto your own payroll from day 1 - An introduction fee is payable upon placement starting.

Our number one focus is to go that extra mile for our clients and candidates whilst being forward thinking, reliable and honest with the view of creating a long lasting recruitment partnership.

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